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Privacy policy

This english version of プライバシーポリシー is made for reference. If there are any controversies between the Japanese version and this english version, provisions of the Japanese version shall prevail.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) hereunder shall be construed as a part of Terms of Use set forth to be abided by the “Creators” for their the use of Nijiso (the “Service”) provided by Otaku Coin Association (“OCA”).

The Policy sets forth how OCA collects/ uses/ discloses the information provided through the “Service”.

1.Definition of Personal Information

“Personal Information” shall mean those information which, by itself or combining with others, enable to specify, to be in contact with, or to identify its location of a Creator, which includes, but not limited to, names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. OCA does not define information anonymized by a third party using Personal Information which may be used to specify a person.


OCA uses Personal Information for the purpose listed hereunder.

3.Collecting Personal Information

OCA collects Personal Information when:

4.Third Party

OCA does not provide Personal Information of a Creator to a third party without obtaining such Creator’s consent. However, it shall not be the case in the following events.


The Service collects and saves information generated automatically when using the Services (i.e. user’s preference, statistical usage information).

When a user makes access to the Service, OCA and third party service providers receive server logs, such as IP address and cookies, generated from browsers. Cookies are small text files received from a web browser which stores the user’s preferences, etc. The Service may not work normally if the user has its brower block or deletes cookies.

Creators, by using this Service, shall allow OCA to collect, analyze and store data provided when using the Service.


OCA shall not treat Personal Information for other than the purpose provided herein the Policy without any consent from Creator. However, the following cases are exempted from the foregoing.


OCA will disclose the Creator's Personal Information if requested by such Creator by itself. However, OCA may decline to do so if such disclosure may:

8.Transfer of business

If OCA is involved in any merger, acquisition, due-diligence, restructuring, bankruptcy, sale of asset, or transfer of its business or service, Creator’s information may be transferred or sold as part of such transaction under the law or agreement. In such cases, OCA may not be able to manage how information will be used or disclosed.

In such cases, OCA may disclose Customer’s Personal Information, with a consent from such Customer.


Creator warrants that its Personal Information is accurate and Creator shall be responsible for any loss caused by providing inaccurate Personal Information.


OCA shall take appropriate measures if a Creator requests any correction or supplement to its Personal Information, under the conditions that such request is by the Creator itself, and such correction or supplementation is accurate.


OCA shall not be responsible for a third party’s use of Personal Information if:

12.Transfer of Information

This Service is provided with support from computer network, cloud service servers, and other infrastructures and information technologies (including, but not limited to, third party service providers).

13.Modification of Policy

OCA may make modifications to this Policy. Modified Policy shall be valid upon posting to this website by OCA. Creator shall check this website periodically, bookmarking this page is recommended, if Creator feels uncertain how its Personal Information is used.

14.Change of Use

OCA may need to use Personal Information for the purpose not indicated in this Policy. If OCA changes the Policy to a less restrictive provision compared to the provisions then effective when the information was collected, OCA shall make reasonable effort, to the extent necessary under the law or regulation, to notify and obtain Creator’s consent.

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Update:Sep.1, 2021