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Nijiso is a service that lets you sell your fan art with approval.
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Nijiso supports creators' fan art activities
by converting their fan art into NFTs with approval.

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  1. Convert your fan art into an NFT with approval.

    You can sell your approved fan art as an NFT on OpenSea.

    *The gas fee for issuing the NFT is paid by the creator.

  2. Prove your digital art as one-of-a-kind in the entire world.

    The latest technology ensures uniqueness and can be sold as a rare piece of art.

  3. Revenues returned to the creators.

    After royalties are returned, all remaining revenue is returned to the creator of the secondary work.

Listing guide for creators


Draw your own fan art of one of the characters that is accepting secondary artwork.


Register as a creator and submit your fan art.


When approved, your fan art can be converted into an NFT. You can sell it on OpenSea!


What service does Nijiso provide?
Nijiso will convert your fan art into NFTs approved by character rights holders or Nijiso, allowing you to sell them on OpenSea and receive revenue returns.
I have drawn a piece of fan art, what is the process from registration to sale?
Register as a creator from "Creator register & login" in the top right corner of the Nijiso top page. In the creator management screen, you will be able to upload your fan art and apply for approval. After being approved, you will be able to convert your fan art into an NFT and sell it on OpenSea by connecting with your MetaMask wallet.
How can I get approval?
Follow the fan art guidelines, etc., and submit your illustration that hasn't been converted into an NFT yet.
Can I submit works that have previously been converted into an NFT?
Only works that have never been converted can be submitted.
Is there a fee for using "Nijiso"?
We do not charge any fees for the registration of Nijiso or for applying for approval. However, creators are required to prepare gas (transaction fee) for minting the NFT and selling it on OpenSea. Please prepare a MetaMask wallet as well.
Can I create multiple NFTs from a single illustration?
We're sorry but this is not possible in the alpha version. If there are many requests, we will consider implementing the feature in the future.
Can I choose a chain other than Ethereum, such as Polygon?
You can choose between Ethereum and Polygon.
Which chain will the NFT be minted on and where will it be uploaded?
Your fan art will be converted to an NFT with Ethereum or Polygon + IPFS.
When will I be able to mint my NFT and sell it after applying?
During the alpha version, it will take 1-2 weeks from your application to approval, minting, and sales.
I've sent the wrong information in the application...
You can edit your entry from the "List of your works" page before the review of your entry. After the review, you will not be able to edit your entry, so please be sure to carefully check your application and make sure that you have not made any mistakes.
Do I have to pay a commission on the sales when selling approved NFTs?
Yes, the prescribed royalties are automatically paid to the character rights holders at the time of transactions on OpenSea. No special procedure is required for the payment.
If my fan art is not approved, can I convert it into an NFT and sell it on my own?
Please feel free to use it as you wish.
What service does Nijiso provide?
Nijiso allows character rights holders to support fan art activities of creators by officially approving their fan art, allowing them to convert the fan art into NFTs and sell them on OpenSea.
What are the benefits of officially approving fan art?
Through the action of official approval by the character rights holders, you can further promote the fan art activities of creators who enliven the fan community.
How is it proven that the fan art has been officially approved?
This is proven by utilizing the latest technology - the blockchain mechanism. Specifically, creators can widely and openly prove "officially approved fan art" by converting their fan art into NFTs with open, tamper proof official fan art contracts with each character rights holder.
Who owns the rights to the officially approved illustration after being purchased?
When an officially approved illustration is purchased, digital ownership is transferred to the purchaser, but the copyright and other rights belong to the creator of the illustration based on the fan art guidelines for each character rights holder. The purchaser may use the officially approved illustration only within the scope of sales after the secondary distribution of the digital ownership and personal use. However, they are not allowed to use the illustration for commercial purposes, such as selling goods using the illustration.
Can I officially approve a work that has been registered by a character rights holder as a creator?
There is no problem in uploading or officially approving illustrations that fall under the category of fan art (e.g. If you would like to convert a fan art that has already been purchased by the character's rights holder into an NFT and sell it).
How can I counteract impersonation of fan art?
Please refer to the Twitter account of the creator when you officially approve the illustration and check the creator's past activities, etc. In the event of damage caused by impersonation, Nijiso plans to take strict measures such as suspension of their account and related consequences in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon when applying for official approval of creators' fan art.

To character rights holders

By registering characters to Nijiso and officially approving/selling fan art, you can receive royalties and support the fan art activities of creators.

Please contact us from below for details.